Best Board Management Software for Small Business Owners

Leading companies are already implementing digital transformation strategies into corporate governance. What about small business owners? What are board software solutions suitable for them?

Board software – digital technologies for supervisory boards

The digital transformation of business processes is aimed at enabling companies to make decisions efficiently, quickly adapt their work to the requirements of the current moment and meet customer needs. It isn’t easy to imagine a successful modern business without a well-organized board of directors. Digitalization creates new opportunities for collaboration among board members. For example, thanks to modern technology, geography is no longer an obstacle to work: you can do business and look for partners anywhere. And the open API makes the collaboration of the board more effortless and more convenient.

In the course of a joint project, the specialists of the companies developed an ideology for automating the corporate governance process and implemented it by combining the functionality of two systems: the process automation system and the information system of collegial bodies. As a result, the board software is a cloud-based platform that serves as a secure collaboration background for the board of directors. It is a synergy of business process management and corporate governance technologies on a single platform. Thanks to this, companies can manage business processes and automate daily workflows. An integrated approach allows the boards to accelerate the process of innovation and the achievement of enterprise goals.

The peculiarities of the board software functionality for small companies

The board management system is created using modern intelligent technologies that automate the performance of many tasks and thus free up the board members’ time for other tasks. The software independently searches for information, predicts the value of different fields, and offers its tips. As a result, the productivity of boards and the quality of their decisions increase.

The board portal ensures the following capabilities for collegial bodies of small companies:

  • Full personalization – customizable taskbars, workflows, optimization, and automation, taking into account the specifics of your team’s work;

  • Ability to work with all departments in real-time – instantly leave comments, edit tasks online and get dynamic feedback;

  • Collaboration with specific employees shared software calendars;

  • Simple management of incoming requests;

  • Chat for meeting participants on agenda items;

  • Preparation by the system of analytical reports on the activities of collegial bodies;

  • Easy alignment of the system of priorities for tasks;

  • Ability to set different view modes for tasks;

  • Efficient and fast-tracking of analytical data on the company’s work as a whole and each board member in particular.

The best boards software solution for small companies

The board management software has no industry specifics and can be effectively used in public and commercial enterprises, whether it is a distributed holding structure with many users or a small enterprise. Being universal, the configuration can be easily customized and adapted to the specifics of the company’s board of directors. As for small companies, the following board portals will be suitable:

  • Azeus-Convene

  • Wrike

  • Boardmaps

  • Diligent

  • Nasdaq

  • Govenda

  • OnBoard

  • Sherpany

  • DocSend

  • Boardadvantage

  • Boardeffect

  • Simbli

  • Huddle.

So, board software is a great collaboration solution that includes the simplest and most flexible tools for comfortable collaboration between the board members. Solutions of this class are designed to provide the possibility of organizing and holding online meetings of collegiate bodies in the electronic form at a high level.