Virtual Reality Is Important Because it Introduces a Vast Range of Possibilities

The Internet has changed how society works and lives. The Internet is not a neutral medium; rather, it allows the audience to weigh in and express their opinions through blogs, online discussion forums, chat rooms, message boards, and wikis. We live in a virtual world, one where people can exchange virtual data in the form of ideas, information, and culture. There is a proliferation of social media sites like Facebook that helps us connect with our friends and family all over the world and provides us with an avenue for social interaction.

How does this interact with philosophy? How does philosophy enter into the virtual reality of media worlds? How do philosophers get a foothold into such virtual realities? The following paragraphs will try to sketch a possible answer to these intriguing questions.

Since philosophy addresses the nature of reality, it naturally becomes a part of the virtual reality as well. In this virtual reality, philosophy can be incorporated with other perspectives, including that of science and technology. It is important, however, not to confuse philosophy with pure thought. Philosophy and science are disciplines that require the use of techniques such as scientific experimentation, observation, measurement, experiments, measurement, analysis, and synthesis, in order to come up with theories and further study.

When you enter the virtual reality, you are actually being subjected to virtual experiments or scientific tests that are being run in thousands of laboratories around the world. These experiments are being performed by highly trained scientists and technicians. Behind these technological “experts” are hundreds of researchers who dedicate their time to investigating the mysteries of life, consciousness, technology, and psychology. Behind these doors are billions of computers all linked together with the power of an infosphere network. All of these technologies are capable of influencing the future of human society. In a virtual room, you can step into the shoes (literally!)

In the future of virtual reality, your thoughts, ideas, opinions, dreams, desires, and goals are going to be the product of your brain. This is because your mind is controlling the media, the virtual reality, and the entire universe. In this new reality, virtual reality will be a lot more important than virtual reality right now. It’s too bad that not everyone is jumping on board. But it’s good to see that more people are getting excited about the possibilities of this technology.

In future virtual realities, you will have three virtual worlds to choose from: the first world, the second world, and the third world. Your first world is the physical world you are living in. You have memories, you have dreams, you have feelings, you have thoughts. Your second world is the virtual reality in which you are creating and expanding your consciousness, your experience in which you are exploring and experimenting with your existence.

Your third virtual reality is the empirical reality, the reality you are inhabiting in the moment, living in, exploring, and experimenting in. In the past, these virtual worlds were referred to as the informational virtual realities, or the informational highs. In future virtual realities, you will have access to all three of these worlds at the same time – but only one of them will be your active experience.

Now you know why virtual reality is important. We need to create the empirical reality because if we don’t, then our minds will get tripped up, our memories will get corrupted, our ideas will become disconnected, and we won’t be able to explore our possibilities. The key to creating your active experience is learning how to be in more than one virtual reality at any given moment. This is how to navigate between the two realities that are really happening simultaneously. It’s important to take advantage of your experiences and to live in more than one reality at any given time, but this isn’t always possible. If you want to make the most of your virtual reality adventures, make sure that you have a variety of virtual realities going at once.